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Our Mission - To provide you with a product of utmost QUALITY and CRAFTSMANSHIP.

  • We will pay "Unrealistic Attention" to giving you nothing less than the best product at the most competitive price possible.

  • We will change the way you view the longevity of products, from the poor quality you're used to seeing, back to the standards derived from the New York Adirondack Region.

  • We will strive to become the best Handcrafters of Adirondack Chairs in the United States.

How We Differ From The Rest -

  • We touch everything. From the wood off the shelves of the lumber yard, to the cuts of our own saws. No product offered on any of our sites is drop shipped from somewhere else. We do everything in-house,  including our web development.

  • We use more and thicker lumber where it matters most. Each and every bottom set of legs of our chairs are made from 2" thick x 6" wide lumber, sold in sales as a 2" x 6". We use 2" x 6" lumber on all 4 legs of the chair. This is unheard of in the industry. Most others use either 1" thick x 6" wide or 5/4" thick x 6" wide wood. Next time your in your local lumber yard, take note of the difference.

  • The hardware we use is very high according to standards. There are over 75, and in some models, well over 100 screws on our chairs. For example, one seat slat has 4 screws in it, one back slat has up to 8. Add that to 10 bolts per chair and you have one very durable and well built product. If your curious, all screws are countersunk on every chair.

  • The amount of wood we use on our chairs is higher than practiced by most builders. Our Classic Line of chairs have 25 to 30 wooden parts and our Fish Chairs have upwards of 40 pieces depending on the style you order.

  • Also note that the Fish Chair backs have 3 "vertical" supports as opposed to 2 verticals found elsewhere. All the other fish chairs seen online are the same style, our designs and production are of our own doing.

  • Production doesn't stop when orders are due out. We close the shop for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day, otherwise if you haven't received your order, it's being worked on.

  • You will not find more material, better quality and craftsmanship, or a comparable priced product anywhere.

Have A Wonderful Day and Thank You for coming by our website for Adirondack Chairs.

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